President's Cabinet

President's Cabinet

Cabinet Mission Statement

"The President’s Cabinet will serve as an advisory group to the President that develops actionable recommendations on topics of university-wide and strategic importance."

Dr. John Ulrich

Dr. John Ulrich

Interim Provost and
Vice President for Academic Affairs

508 North Hall
(570) 662-4804

Dr. Kathy Wright

Dr. Kathy Wright

Interim Associate Provost and
Dean of the Faculty

509 North Hall
(570) 662-4807

Dr. Joshua Battin

Dr. Joshua Battin


Interim Associate Dean of the Faculty

504 North Hall
(570) 662-4805

Ms. Tammy Felondis

Tammy Felondis

Interim Vice President
Finance and Administration

528 North Hall
(570) 662-4880

Mr. Frank Crofchick

Frank Crofchick

Assistant Vice President
and Dean of Student

327 Alumni Hall
(570) 662-4342

Mr. Nicholas Andre

Nicholas Andre
Chief Information Officer


001 Memorial Hall
(570) 662-4834


Ms. Judi Brayer, Special Assistant to the President, Enrollment Services