The Presidential Coin for Excellence was conceived by Mansfield University President Fran Hendricks to recognize individuals for extraordinary contributions to the university.

The recipient does not have to be an alum, but rather a person who has helped advance the university through charitable gifts, volunteer efforts, leadership activities or outstanding efforts as an employee.

The Mansfield University Creed of Character, Scholarship, Culture and Service is also used as a guideline in selecting recipients.


The symbols on the coin were selected by President Hendricks to represent historical highlights and other distinctive aspects of the university. It was designed by Mansfield University graphic artist Andy Worthington.

Hover over each symbol to see what it represents.


The coin is trimmed in red and black, the university colors. Gold symbolizes the success, strength and perfection. It also symbolizes balance in all things.

The football and bursts of light commemorate the world's first night football game played by Mansfield Classical Seminary on September 28, 1892. The game, against Wyoming Seminary, ended at half time in a scoreless tie.

The flame of knowledge symbolizes our never-ending quest for knowledge and pursuit of our dreams.

15 rays of light symbolize the members of the first graduating class, which included 12 women and three men in 1866.

15 rays of light symbolize the members of the first graduating class, which included 12 women and three men in 1866.

The book, inkwell and G clef symbolizes the fact that Mansfield Classical Seminary was the first institution to accredit music teachers.

"Semper Honorus," is Latin for Always With Honor. It symbolizes the manner in which the recipients conduct themselves.

The five-pointed stars on each side of the coin represent our admiration of and trust in the coin's recipient.

Our university has evolved through five name changes since it was founded in 1857: Mansfield Normal School, Mansfield Classical Seminary, Mansfield State Teachers College, Mansfield State College and Mansfield University.

Mansfield University focuses on four core values that have been a tradition since 1912: "Character, Scholarship, Culture, Service."

Established 1857.
Mansfield Classical Seminary opened its doors in January 1857 to 105 students. In April, a chimney caught fire and the building burned to the ground. Area residents were so committed to having a higher education institution that they raised and borrowed the money to rebuild it.

The rope cut around the edge symbolizes that which binds our present to our past, symbolizes the close-knit of our community and provides the means to capture our future.

Each coin presented will bear a new number, in sequence, as each recipient is named.

North Hall, the university's oldest and most distinguished building, began as a women's dormitory. Today it is the centerpiece of the campus, housing three libraries and administrative offices. It is also the home of Sara, the ghost.